Song and Wind

“My approach to music is expressed as Song and Wind. This is very important to communicate a musical message to the audience. This approach is one of simplicity as the structure and function of the human being is very complex, but we function in a simple manner. When we bring it to the art form it becomes very simple.

Song, to me, involves about 85 percent of the intellectual concentration of playing an instrument, based on what you want the audience to hear. You cannot get anywhere without wind. If you think of a car, the wheels will not turn without an energy source—the engine. Brass players must have a source of energy as there must be a vibrating column of air for the instrument to amplify and resonate. The musical engine is the vibration of the lips. However, the lips cannot vibrate without wind.

When we combine Song and Wind, the musical message, song, is the principal element comprising 85 percent of the consciousness. The remaining 15 percent is the application of the breath, wind, to fuel the vibration of the lips.”

Video – Song and Wind

Mr. Jacobs worked with a student who was playing very mechanically. He worked with him to emphicize SONG by singing the part with instant results.

Video – Sing the Part