Pilafian/Sheridan – Breathing Gym Daily Workout DVD


Sheridan/Pilafian – Breathing Gym Daily Workout

Great Breathing = Great Music!
Learn the breathing exercises in the Breathing Gym first, and then join Sam and Patrick in their
NEW DVD: Breathing Gym Daily Workouts.
Practical Applications for Musical Improvement
Enjoy and Learn with Sam and Patrick as they present sequences of Breathing Gym exercises specifically designed to address:
Warming Up
and Advanced Training

As students of Mr. Jacobs, Pat Sheridan and Sam Pilafian were inspired by him to create these breathing exercises. With the Breathing Gym you stretch, breathe, move, and make noise along with Pat and Sam. These fun exercises help them to:Increase airflow and stamina, Improve tone and breath control, Reduce body tension, Raise energy level and focus.

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