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Harvey Phillips TubaCompany performs music of every style, for every age, and for virtually every occasion, with their tubas and euphoniums (tenor tubas). Their primary objective is to entertain audiences wherever they perform. Harvey Phillips TubaCompany illustrates the genius of Harvey Phillips to intrigue and capture discerning listeners with sounds they otherwise may never have imagined! And so, this CD recording is for you to discover! Relax, listen, tap your feet and enjoy! And, should you be inspired to dance (polka, waltz, fox-trot, lindy, rock or whatever), be our guests! 




Alte Kameraden

  Under the Double Eagle

There is a Tavern in the Town

  In Heaven There is no Beer
  In Ein Hofbrau Haus Medley
  Ein Prosit
Tubafiesta Peanuts
  A Walk in the Black Forest
  The Green Leaves of Summer
  Tijuana Taxi
  What Now My Love
  The Mexican Shuffle
Tubarock Rock Medley
  Rock Around the Clock
  Hound Dog
  Jailhouse Rock
  Don’t be Cruel
  That’ll Be the Day
Tubaswing Zoot Suit Riot


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