Cichowicz – Flow Studies Vol 1


The Vincent Cichowicz Flow Studies-Volume One book is now available for purchase! The book features the first 40 flow studies along with a foreword by Larry Knoop, principal trumpet in the Vancouver Symphony, a 10+ page interview with Vincent Cichowicz by Bruce Briney, a reminiscence from Frank Kaderabeck about his and Vince’s longtime friendship as colleagues in the CSO, as well as a CD with 38 of the 40 flow studies performed by Neal Bernsten, Bruce Briney, Robert Dorer, Mark Hughes, Larry Knoop, Tom Rolfs, Judy Saxton, David Vonderheide & Eric Yates; all former students of Vincent Cichowicz. It also includes an excerpt from one of Mr Cichowicz’ master classes 

Vincent Cichowicz’s familiar collection of Flow Studies, which he assembled from various sources, has become a staple of modern trumpet teaching. In these studies we can see Cichowicz’s progressive and musical approach utilizing these concepts to build a solid and healthy playing foundation. This compilation offers a proven system of respiration and release (flow) that represent the cornerstone for beautiful tone production and musicality. 

In his 1998 interview with his student Bruce Briney, (included in this volume) Cichowicz described his hope to publish a Handbook of Studies for Trumpet. Within this handbook, he wished to include Flow Studies with practice suggestions, helpful hints and phrasing marks.” (His long-range intentions are realized, in part, through this edition.) Reinforcing the objectives of the first volume on Cichowicz’s teaching, (Vincent Cichowicz, Long Tone Studies MC10010), this work is in no way meant to codify his pedagogy. What is intended however is to relay his concepts from a first hand point of view by some of his most exceptional students. Larry Knopp, a student of Mr. Cichowicz as well as his teaching colleague for a decade, has written a clear and concise foreword that gives credence to Cichowicz’s ideas about the Flow Studies. Bruce Briney’s interview with Cichowicz gives a comprehensive view of both his career as a performer as well as his thoughts on teaching and playing. 

The audio recording that accompanies this volume is perhaps the best illustration of the way Cichowicz intended these studies to be performed. On it we hear outstanding performances of these studies as well as Cichowicz’s own words from a master class at Western Illinois University. While it is well documented that Cichowicz, and his long time teaching assistant, Luther Didrickson, took very individual approaches with each student, when listening to the performances on this recording the musical and sonic direction they sought becomes very evident. 

In addition to being a brilliant educator, Vincent Cichowicz was an outstanding performer as a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Frank Kaderabek’s contribution to this book gives the reader a look into his time before, during and after his CSO years. It is our hope that this book will preserve some of Mr. Cichowicz’s important concepts and ideas through his own words and the performances of his students for generations to come 



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