Chicken Scratch Press – Prokofiev – Visiones Fugitives for Tuba and Piano (Arr. Lodal)


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Performer’s Editions – as recorded by Gene Pokorny

The complete “Visions Fugitives” is a twenty movement work written early in Prokofiev’s career between 1915 and 1917. This printed edition is a compilation of his original music, the transcriber’s (Beth A. Lodal) and the performers’ further editing. Transcriptions, as noted by trombonist extraordinaire Ralph Sauer, should bring a new light to the original music which may further enhance the deeper intentions of the composer, perhaps even further than even the composer’s original choice of medium. An effective transcription is dependent on the capabilities, insight and imagination of transcriber, performer, and listener(s). In preparing for your own performances of this music, you are highly encouraged to consult the original music and listen to several recordings of that music played on the intended instrument (solo piano). Be very open to the idea of changing the transcription if it better satisfies your vision of what the composer’s desires.

“I have had requests for music recorded both on “Tuba Tracks” and my “Big Boy” discs for some time. Micky Wrobleski’s very clear and readable compilation of some of these arrangements are gradually being released so other tuba players may have the opportunity of playing some if this music as well.” – Gene Pokorny


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