Chicken Scratch Press – Pryor – Blue Bells of Scotland for Tuba and Band (Arr. Childs)


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This is a traditional turn-of-the-(twentieth)century, theme and variations, Sunday afternoon, concert-in-the-park solo. The one word that people should at least be mumbling if not shouting by the end of the performance is “amazing!” Basically, the Theme should show off your best cantabile sound and style with lots of rubati and espressivo. The Variations should be impressive with their increasing complexity as they move from triplets to sixteenths, but be sure that the speed is not too fast until you reach the third variation. The cadenza between Variation II and Variation III may be re-written but it should show off as much of the tessitura and other technical prowess abilities (yeah, and gimmicks) that you have. This version is for E Flat Tuba and has parts in both bass and treble clef.

“I have had requests for music recorded both on “Tuba Tracks” and my “Big Boy” discs for some time. Micky Wrobleski’s very clear and readable compilation of some of these arrangements are gradually being released so other tuba players may have the opportunity of playing some if this music as well.” – Gene Pokorny

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