Breath Viewer


Breath Viewer is designed for teachers, students and all who wish to improve their blowing technique. It is an didactic help that supports the mastering of the proper air entry during playing. The key element is for the wind player to maintain not only the proper intensity of air flow but also the suitable amount of pressure while overcoming the resistance. By controlling the two valves, you are enable to set both the appropriate air volume and air pressure thus imitating the same process as when playing a wind instrument.

By practicing on the Breath Viewer, one concentrates only on the suitable volume of air and the correct air pressure so that these two elements are maintained. The mind is not distracted with a lot of other factors such as fingerings, pitch, dynamics or rhythm. After developing the habit of entering the correct volume of air along with the correct amount of air pressure, one can move on to other technical problems which would be mastered much quicker. Just shortly after inhaling, Breath Viewer makes one aware of how much air pressure and volume are needed for the correct sound production while gradually increasing both air volume and pressure when releasing the air.



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