Physiology 101

The lungs are designed to exchange gasses between the inspired air and the blood. They are like a series of separate bellows, so parts of the lungs will be usable in any position the body puts them. Although their outer surface area is relatively small, they provide a very large inner surface to exchange gasses. Both lungs are not identical, the right lung has three lobes, the left two.

Video – Lungs

“I had no intention of using the biological studies that I was doing in the teaching pursuit at all. Once I began to learn how we function, then it was obvious. If I saw phenomena existing in an individual in the way he uses his musculature, and I know that he cannot move air at that point, I may work with him a little bit as a therapist just to establish the air flow, to get him back into the use of the bellows activity that we have in respiration.”

Video – Physiology