Frequently Asked Questions

How could Mr Jacobs play the tuba with one lung?

A myth, legend, urban folklore – not true! While Mr. Jacobs’ lung capacity was low for most of his career, he had two lungs – here it is from the horse’s mouth!

Video – One Lung??

Privacy Policy

Very simple – we hate spammers and telemarketers and refuse to do this or sell customer information to anyone.

Return Policy

Due to photo copiers and CD/DVD burners, we cannot accept any returns on books, music, CDs and DVDs. If they are defective we will replace them. Breathing devices are designed for single patient use, for sanitary reasons we cannot accept any returns unless defective. We will re-glue the gauge on the Variable Resistance Compound Gauge if needed.

Why are there a few price increases?

Many of the breathing devices come from the medical world and prices often increase and we have no control.

Why are we carrying items from other companies?

For many years we have been exhibiting at various conferences. One thing we have noticed is the lack of large publishers leaving the slack for small publishers. There is another problem – many of these small publishers are symphony players who, for the most part cannot travel to these conferences due to their orchestra’s commitment. Many times they are on tour delaying shipping so we may fulfill an order for them. There are publishers outside the United States we represent who would like to have distribution in North America. We hope to get more exposure for a number of small publishers by represent them throughout the year. f you are a small publisher and would like us to represent you, please email us at info@windsongpress.com .

If I were to buy only one breathing device, what should it be?

Mr Jacobs recommended the Inspiron.

Aren’t these breathing devices just a gimmick. Why should I use them?

The most common problem students came to Mr. Jacobs was due to shallow breathing. This has been a life long habit and in many cases, is career threatening as one ages and vital capacity is naturally reduced. There are habits that are difficult to break especially using the instrument. By developing a new skill away from the instrument using these devices, Mr. Jacobs could accomplish in weeks and months what would normally take years.

Why don’t you have a package of these available?

Different players have different requirements. A large male with a vital capacity above 6 liters can easily fill the Voldyne that has a capacity of only 5 liters. Most women have a vital capacity under 5 liters – why spend more for a 6 liter bag? It is suggested to use an exercising device (Inspiron or Breath Builder) with a measuring device (Voldyne or Air Bag).

What is the difference between the Breath Builder and Inspiron?

Both are exercising devices and the air can be varied. The Inspiron must be constantly turned upside down (for exhalation) which can be difficult to use especially with young students. The Breath Builder is a low-tech device that is easier to use however it cannot be used buzzing the mouthpiece.

Can I get a mouthpiece rim with the exact rim of my mouthpiece?

No. The purpose of a mouthpiece rim is to isolate the lip’s musculature. It really doesn’t matter about the curvature of the rim or the sharpness of the edge. Mr Jacobs would never let a student buzz without isolating the lip with the rim.

What are these delrin rims?

This was an idea that we came across using the idea that the purpose of a rim is to isolate the lip’s musculature. It is made of inexpensive delrim and the edges are routed to avoid sharp edges. The tuba rim is the same size as a Conn Helleberg and the Tenor Trombone / Euphonium is the same size as a Schilke 51, Bass Trombone based on a Bach 1 1/2G. These are cheaper than brass and are great to use in the car since they do not have temperature extremes.

I use a medium shank euphonium mouthpiece. What buzz aid works?

The tenor trombone buzz aid is too small, the bass trombone is too big. There is none made for medium bore euphoniums.

Who endorses this stuff?

All of this was used by Mr Jacobs at various times during his 60+ years of his teaching thousands of students. Major Brass Legends and teachers throughout the world use these devices and have their students order them. Symphony players and teachers of all wind instruments worldwide use these.