Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet


In 1951, the Chicago Symphony Brass Quintet was formed—the forerunner of a multitude of quintets now in existence. The original personnel were Adolph Herseth and Renold Schilke, trumpets; Hugh Cowden, horn; Frank Crisafulli, trombone; and Jacobs. In 1954, the quintet made a recording for Audiophile Records.

cso brass sm

Over the years, the personnel of the group changed for various reasons. Other members of the group were trumpets: Vincent Cichowicz and William Scarlett; horns: Wayne Barrington and Richard Oldberg.

Beethoven – Quartet Opus 18, No, 2

From Audiophile Recordings – 1954

Bach – Contrapunctus IX

From Auditorium Theatre Concert – 1966