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Branimir Slokar

Branimir Slokar was born in Maribor, Slovenia, in 1946. Until the age of 17 his interests were mainly school and sports. Then one day he saw the film „The Glenn Miller Story“ and this experience changed the direction of his life. Miller’s music awoke his passion for the trombone and he started to take lessons. After only two years he obtained his first job as trombonist in the Radio Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, while simultaneously studying Psychology at the University of Zagreb. Shortly thereafter he won first prize for trombone at the 7th Yugoslav Music Contest in Zagreb and decided to dedicate his life to music.


In 1969 he passed his final exams with distinction at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. He went on to study at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, and after just one year he finished his studies in Paris with a first prize.


In 1973 he was a prize winner at the International Competition for Music in Geneva, and in 1974 he won the German Radio Music Competition in Munich. After performing as solo trombonist in renowned orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Rafael Kubelik, in 1980 Branimir Slokar decided to perform exclusively as a soloist and teach as a professor of music at different universities in Germany. Currently he is teaching in Freiburg im Breisgau and in Berne, Switzerland, and in addition he regularly holds master classes throughout Europe, the United States and Japan.

Branimir Slokar`s concerts as a soloist and chamber musician (with the Slokar Trombone Quartet he founded in 1973) have led him to almost all European countries as well as Asia and the United States. Furthermore, he has recorded essentially all the relevant works for trombone and orchestra, organ, and piano. Recently he has also produced recordings with works for French horn and trombone with his daughter Zora Slokar.

For the past twenty years Branimir Slokar has continued developing his own series of trombone mouthpieces, that have been distributed by the FMB Company. Moreover, he has designed the “Slokar” series of trombones, that have been produced since 1997 in collaboration with the Kühnl & Hoyer Company. He plays the tenor and alto trombone models of this series.

Branimir Slokar has been a resident of Switzerland since 1971. Recently he and his family moved to the Bernese Oberland where he enjoys practicing his hobbies of mountaineering, skiing and tennis.

In 2010 Branimir Slokar was awarded with the „Neill Humpfeld Award for Teaching Excellence“ by the International Trombone Association.

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