Arnold Jacobs Almost Live

almost liveA live presentation featuring video clips of Mr. Jacobs

“With a career spanning seven decades with the Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Chicago Symphonies, Arnold Jacobs has earned a reputation as a world-class performer. Equally significant are his teachings. During his career, thousands of students have passed through his studio.”

After the passing of Arnold and Gizella Jacobs, we have been working with the Jacobs family to create the Arnold and Gizella Jacobs Collection. Arnold Jacobs Almost Live is a series of presentations that examines Mr. Jacobs’ extraordinary career. While Mr. Jacobs is no longer with us, Arnold Jacobs Almost Live is the next best thing!

“Brian Frederiksen was on hand to present his always intriguing Arnold Jacobs: Almost Live presentation. With video clips, audio clips and photos, plus Brian’s knowledge of Jacobs and his teaching, this is rapidly becoming an important staple at tuba conferences. Much has been said about the legacy of Arnold Jacobs and his teaching; all of it is deserved and his profound influence cannot be understated. This video series presented by Mr. Frederiksen is an effective way to introduce new generations of musicians to Mr. Jacobs and his teaching”. . Stephen Oberheu from Tubonium7 review.

Arnold Jacobs Almost Live is a live presentation available in several formats:

The full three day class is designed for performers
and teachers (for continuing education credit) and contains:

The Performer

The Teacher

SONG and wind

Breathing Part I

Breathing Part II

Breathing Exercises

The Tongue

The Embouchure


Ask Mr Jacobs

A four hour breathing session that is not instrument specific:
Breathing Part I – Breathing Part II – Breathing Exercises

Teachings of Arnold Jacobs,
A one to two hour highlight session, not instrument specific.

Breathing for Wind Instruments Two hours on the basics of breathing – not instrument specific.
SONG (and Wind) – One hour about the psychology of music and not instrument specific.


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