Arnold and Gizella Jacobs Collection

arnold gizzy

There is a famous quote, “A man is who a man reads.”

This is especially true with Arnold Jacobs. He was recognized as the expert on respiration for wind musicians although he was primarily self taught. For this reason, Gizella Jacobs allowed all of his medical books to be available for future generations to study. The Arnold and Gizella Jacobs Collection is being assembled in the offices of WindSong Press with with books at the low brass studio at DePaul University.

Arnold and Gizella had a high respect for education. Starting in the mid 80’s at masterclasses, either at home or on the road, they allowed video tapes only for archival purposes. These are the centerpiece of the collection. Those who are researching Mr. Jacobs’ teachings have used this resource and we invite further researchers.

To help complete this collection, we are looking for donations of material such as photos, recordings, masterclasses transcripts, or whatever!

Books in the Arnold and Gizella Collection